100 things about me

1. I turned 50 last December 2004 – no biggy it’s just a number
2. I live in Munford, TN – 20 miles north of Memphis.
3. The long-term loves of my life are Molly and Sadie, my chocolate and black labs.
4. Molly and Sadie were in training in 1998 to become Urban Search and Rescue dogs when my husband at the time, Melvin, had a heart attack and died suddenly.
5. Didn’t think I could send my girls into a collapsed building so easily after that.
6. One of Sadie’s sister’s, Bailey, was a search dog at the Pentagon 9/11.
7. Sadie has had two litters of 10 puppies each – not doing that again until after I retire.
8. Sadie is now spayed.
9. Three of Sadie’s puppies live in New York, one in North Carolina, one in Ohio and several are in East Tennessee.
10. Sadie and I drove to Bayville, NY to visit one of her puppies in 2001 – couldn’t fly – that would have required me to put Sadie in the belly of a plane – NOT.
11. It took 2 days driving but Sadie kept me company and had a nice nest in the front seat and in the backseat of the Blazer.
12. When I come home from work, Molly is happy because the ball-thrower is home; Sadie because the belly rubber is there.
13. We live next to a 10 acre hayfield – Molly and Sadie think it’s their property.
14. My vet’s mom owns the hayfield - I hope to buy it if they ever sell.
15. Okay, the real love of my life is Sweetie.
16. I met Sweetie on the Internet at and we married 3/2/3.
17. Sweetie and I have a grandson, Hunter – okay, he’s another LOML!
18. Sweetie broke his back at work before I met him.
19. He doesn’t do ladders at all.
20. If the gutters at our house get cleaned out, I have to do it.
21. Sweetie rides a Harley Davidson .
22. I ride the Harley too – just not by myself.
23. Sweetie can fix anything.
24. His sister tells me all the time that Sweetie is a genius.
25. She’s probably right.
26. I never had any human children.
27. I got a daughter when I married Sweetie.
28. Sometimes she loves me and sometimes she doesn’t.
29. I suppose it’s that way with your own kids.
30. Hunter loves to go to work with me.
31. When he’s there he’s really more interested in working with Louis – my co-worker.
32. Hunter loves to go to work with Pawpaw, aka Sweetie.
33. Hunter loves to go to work with Maw (his great grandmother)
34. Hunter just loves to go to work – trying to get that work ethic going young.
35. My BEST FRIEND is Cheryl – she’s 10 years younger than me.
36. Cheryl has a yellow lab named Sugar.
37. We’ve been going to the beach almost every year (skipped 2) for the past 20 years.
38. My beach nickname is SunGoddess – hers is Beach Princess.
39. We always have other people go with us (from 1 up to 12) but WE are the CORE group.
40. We plan the trip but we are NOT THE CRUISE DIRECTORS.
41. Major beach decision of the day is “the beach, or the pool?” – answer dependent on jellyfish and seaweed.
42. I taught myself to knit on the internet this past February because my life was so STRESSFUL and I’d heard knitting was relaxing.
43. It is!
44. I’m already a bit of a yarn snob – man, it’s so much more relaxing when the yarn feels really nice.
45. I’m going to have to break down and take at least one knitting class.
46. Tried to follow a pattern the other day and apparently I can’t SSK or YO so that things turn out right – duh!
47. I got some Denise Interchangeable needles.
48. I really do like them and it has stopped me from having to buy so many needles.
49. Although, I really love Addi-Turbos.
50. I am one of 8 kids – 4 girls, 4 boys.
51. My father and 2 of my older brothers committed suicide.
52. No, not at the same time – 1968, 1979 and 1984.
53. I don’t think it runs in the family – hmmmm?
54. My oldest sister is a great quilter – she made Sweetie and I a “beachy quilt” when we got married. My second oldest sister is also very crafty, quilts some, knits-crochets some – very versatile. My baby sister works too many hours to be very crafty but she’s learning. My oldest brother LOVES to golf, baby brother golfs too but he’s more into darts – was the Southeastern Doubles Champion for two years (or something I think???)
55. My mom is 82.
56. I adopted a cat, Rumples, for her as a SURPRISE in 2004!
57. She loved Rumples – talked about him all the time.
58. Rumples was 13 ½.
59. Had to have Rumples euthanized in July 2005.
60. That was so traumatic I don’t know what I’ll do when something happens to Molly or Sadie.
61. My mom is thinking about whether or not she wants another cat.
62. I’m a Democrat, although, I have voted Republican in state elections (just VERY rare!)
63. I really really really don’t like George Bush.
64. I think we need to get out of Iraq expeditiously.
65. I directed Children’s Choir at my church for over 14 years.
66. I offered to get a youth choir going several years ago.
67. New Pastor had heard that I drink socially – not fit to lead youth.
68. I used to sing at weddings, specials in church and in the choir at church.
69. New Pastor said I didn’t attend rehearsal often enough so I don’t sing much anymore.
70. My mom goes to my church so as long as she’s alive I’m sure I’ll stay there.
71. I miss singing.
72. I’m a Certified Master Gardener Intern – finished my classes in April 2005 and finished my 40 hours of volunteer work in September.
73. My flower beds don’t look nearly as good as the ones at the County Court Clerk’s Office and the Habitat for Humanity House my SIL and I worked on.
74. One of the Master Gardeners said she thought the people who lived in my house must have moved or gotten sick because the flower beds weren’t as pretty as before.
75. In 2004 when my life was stressful (do we see a pattern here), I talked Sweetie into helping me dig a pond.
76. My pond is approximately 10x16x3 feet deep.
77. We started on Mother’s Day.
78. I have pictures of Granny (my mom) and Hunter helping with the digging.
79. We were putting water in by Memorial Day.
80. I love my pond.
81. I love my waterfall.
82. I LOVE my hammock by the pond.
83. I’m trying to figure out a way to lay in the hammock and knit at the same time.
84. My SIL has 2 ponds so most all my plants and goldfish came from her.
85. Someone told me once not to name my goldfish but I have named a few (with Hunter’s help): Caillou, Betsy, Chloe, Jon. (there are at least 8 more without names)
86. I finally got two koi spring of 2004.
87. Named them Smokey for the University of Tennessee mascot and Peyton, a very well-known University of Tennessee football player who now plays for the Colts.
88. My little sister is living in Sweetie’s old house.
89. I’m helping her learn how to garden.
90. I’m really BAD about buying plants before I have a place to plant them.
91. I guess my buying yarn before I know what I’m going to make is an offshoot of that.
92. I’m a University of Tennessee football fan – that’s Vol fan – see koi names.
93. Vol is pronounced as a shortened version of Volunteer, not Vole as some of the ESPN sports announcers like to say – accidentally on purpose I’m sure!
94. I need to lose about 50 pounds.
95. I just can’t seem to get motivated.
96. Sweetie says I’m just fine.
97. I think I wish he’d prod me just a little.
98. Louis, my co-worker, says I don’t need to lose weight either.
99. They are both so wrong as I would feel so much better.
100. I’m a new, very inexperienced and very inconsistent blogger – maybe that will improve too!


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